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A Land Contract is an agreement between a buyer and a seller to purchase a property where the buyer gives a down payment to the seller and pays monthly payments for a specified period of time.  A majority of the time, the seller will finance a house on a 15-30 year mortgage payment schedule to a buyer but will only accept payment for 2-7 years after which the seller improves there credit and refinances through a bank for a lower interest rate.

In some cases you can find a seller willing to do a full term land contract where they are willing to take payments until property is fully paid off, but this is on a case by case basis.  If your ideally looking for this type of land contract please specify that your interested in full term land contracts.  Refinancing though at a lower interest rate is always the best option to reduce payments and save money.

Down Payment


The Down payment is what binds the property between the buyer and the seller.  The down payment a majority of the time will be 10-30% of the asking price.  This must be put upfront towards the house at the time of purchasing the property.

Monthly Payment

The monthly payment will depend on 3 main factors.  The balance of what is owed and the interest rate which tend to be a few points higher than a mortgage but can be greater or less depending on the terms negotiated for the property.  The other main contributor to the rate of the monthly payment will be the loan schedule length also known as the amortization schedule. An example is a monthly payment based on a 15 year amortization schedule and a payment based on a 30 year schedule.  The payment will be greater on the monthly basis but the balloon payment at the end of the land contract will be less which will give you more equity.

Find A Land Contract


There are select quantity of homes available on the market for sale on a land contract.  In order to find the right land contract for you, an agent specialized in land contracts will make the search a lot easier.  We have agents ready to assist you and also have access to land contract homes available from all agencies as well as have access to properties available only to our agents. In order to find the right property for you please fill out the land contract search box in it's entirety.

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